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Saturday, December 23, 2006 

Wisin y Yandel Are Working On A New Album

This year was the best for the artist Wisin Y Yandel. Not only were they the second Latino group to sell most albums, but this was the year that they become millionaires.

They are not stopping here, Wisin y Yandel said they are working on a new album expecting to come on August of 2007.

The album is going to be called El dúo dinámico. This album is going to be one of the greatest they have ever done. Wisin mentioned they are going to have artist like Shakira and Black Eyed Peas in there album.

There goal for there next album is to sell more then 2 million copies, so lets see how it goes for these great artist.

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omg ur so hott

u guys rock!!


i lubb uz 2!!!!!
u guys r realy hooters..lol..jk..in my vocab.that means u guys are so fine...love all ur songs..if 1 of ur songs were 2 play in the radio ud see me stop nd jus sing them or dance to it..my friends tend to get mad..if i do..but hey thats how much i love u guys..=p

bueno para wisin y yandel si ven los comentarios quiero decirles que soy su fan numeroi 1 y que desde que los vi me gusto su musica, poero me gustaron mas ustedes y solo les queria decir que si tienen correo espero que me agregen al suyo mi correo es ferburbu_7@hotmail.com bueno espero que me agregen los amo son unos biscocho bueno bye kissssss

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