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Thursday, March 23, 2006 

Wisin y Yandel Massive Concert

The duo artist Wisin y Yandel did a great concert and did what they promised which was to do one of the best concerts ever. They said that they wanted to thank God for there massive success on the concert and invited Samuel Hernandez to sing the famous song "Levanto Mis Manos". The stage was design like a a semicirle and overall it looked great. Both Wisin y Yandel were dressed white and the concert lasted about 2 hours and 30 minutes. They sang popular songs like "Mami no me dejes solo", "Mami yo quisiera quedarme", "Manigueta", and much more. Also in the concert there were specail guest like Olga Tañón, Naldo, Jerry Rivera, and Ja Rule. Everybody that was there loved that concert and said it was one of the best concerts ever.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006 

Wisin y Yandel Live Chat

Lots of information was revealed on March 8th when Wisin y Yandel did a live chat in Primera Hora's webpage. Wisin y Yandel answered questions for there fans for one hour, and in the conversation told the fans that there are going to work with Paris Hilton. In the live chat almost 400 people participated and did lots of interesting questions which the majority were related with there upcoming concert in Puerto Rico "Pal Mundo" which is going to be celebrated on March 17 and 18 in the Choliseo. They also said they are going to record with a famous Mexican artist but didn't reveal her name.

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Friday, March 03, 2006 

Wisin y Yandel Going to Hollywood

Wisin y Yandel are going to record a song for the movie "Take The Lead" carried out by the actor Antonio Banderas. They said that this takes them to Hollywood a place where they never thought they will be, this is a great opportunity to open the doors for other projects for them. In the up coming weeks they are going to Los Angeles, Californis, so they can record the video clip of the song. The movie produced by Liz Friedlander is based on the true life of Pierre Dulaine.

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Wisin y Yandel in the Coliseo de Puerto Rico

Wisin y Yandel are very grateful to be the first duo rappers in doing a concert in the big coliseo de Puerto Rico which is called José Miguel Agrelot. The concert is going to be Friday March 17. Wisin said that they have one of the best production teams so they could do a show that the public deserves. Wisin y Yandel also celebrate because they have sold more then 400,000 copies of there newest album "Pal Mundo". Yandel said that the sounds and lights are going to convert the Coliseo in the biggest reggaeton party in the country. Songs like "Mírala bien", "Llamé pa' verte", "Rákata" are going to be present in the concert with the great dances coreografiados by the dancer Juan Carlos. The rappers Tony Diaze, and also the the group Aventura is going to be with Wisin y Yandel in the concert. Yandel said it s very important that they are present because they have supported them throw out there career. They also said there's going to be lots of great surprises which they prefer not to sat who they are intel that night. This concert is going to be great and the people that are going are very lucky they got the tickets.

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Wisin y Yandel in Premio Lo Nuestro

Wisin y Yandel did a great performance in the show Premio Lo Nuestro which surprised many people because the show was better then many that night. They sang with many people in the background dancing and jumping with special effects and they starting the show coming out of the air which was very nice. Wisin y Yandel is now staring to become more and more popular and this is just the beginning for them.

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Biography Of Wisin y Yandel


In 1998, Wisin y Yandel got in the rap genre, recording for DJ Dicky's No Fear 3 under the Fresh Production label. In 1999, that same label signed them up and in that same year, they appeared in La Misión, Vol. 1, reaching gold status. The reception was so good that the label produced their first solo album in 2000 titled Los Reyes del Nuevo Milenio. Before that, Yandel was working as a barber while Wisin had already some musical projects in mind.

In 2001, they reappear in La Misión II winning them their second gold record. That year, they also released their second solo album, De Nuevos a Viejos, turning into the best-selling album in the island and giving them their third gold album. La Misión III' came out as successful as its predecessors (backed by the hit song "Dembow"), garnering them their fourth gold album. In that year, they won a "Tu Música" award as the "Most Important Rap & Reggae Duo".

In November 2002, they release their third album titled De Otra Manera. As it was expected, the album got them their fifth gold album. A year later, they released its follow-up called Mi Vida.

In 2004, both of them decided to take a break and go solo. Yandel recorded Quien Contra Mí while Wisin released El Sobreviviente. The latter became a smash-hit, with guest stars such as Daddy Yankee and Alexis y Fido.

In 2005, they released their latest album titled Pa'l Mundo. They appear in the new Daddy Yankee CD, Barrio Fino en Directo. More Info Here

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