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Thursday, July 20, 2006 

Wisin y Yandel Delays Tour

The duo Wisin y Yandel had to delay there Tour to South America because of a health problem to one of the members. The delay is because Wisin had very strong pains in the abdomen and the doctor said he needed lots of rest. Since the concerts of Wisin y Yandel are very intense, Wisin didn't feel that he was ready.

The manager of them Edgar Andino said "Has soon has he feels 100% recovered they will continue to do the tour." So the tour is only delayed not cancelled like many people have said.

The tour was going to be this week in Costa Rica, Panama, and Guatemala.

But according to Andino, the tour of Wisin y Yandel that they are doing in different cities across the USA, are still in the plans, so that won't be delayed.

In August Wisin y Yandel are going to cities like, New york, Miami, Orlando, Boston and other areas, to bring to the public there hit songs from there album "Pal Mundo."

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