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Saturday, May 27, 2006 

Wisin y Yandel In Bellas Artes

Wisin y Yandel are very excited that they are taking part and are going to the Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferré for the 25 anniversary celebration. For all the people that did't know what Centro de Bellas Artes is it's the most important theater spectacles of Puerto Rico. The concert that has been sold out for more then 10 weeks is going to be on the 27th of May at 8:30pm. " Being part of the 25 anniversary of Bellas Artes is a great honor for us. Its incredible that the most important theater of spectacles in Puerto Rico his letting the reggtaeton present and perfrom in a very important event", said Wisin y Yandel in a wrtiiten press. Wisin y yandel mentioned that duing a concert in Bellas Artes lets them interact better with the public and overall lets them do a great show. "There's going to be lots of surprizes and the show is going to be different, expetacular, and with lots of music to dannce", said Yandel.

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